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About me

Wiktor Kujawa is a graduated engineer from Gdansk University Of Technology with a degree course of Technical Physics with a specialization in Applied Physics and for- mer R&D engineer and web developer. Skilled in programming stacks or languages:

  • MERN(with rest-api or apollo/graphql)
  • Next.js(styled.jsx/css modules or next 13 app dir approach) + tailwindcss and Sass or postcss + TypeOrm, mongoose or Prisma.js + MongoDB, Postgress or MySQL
  • Nuxt.js or Next.js with CraftCMS
  • Implementing SSR, SSG( automatic revalidation or "on demand" revalidation) and SEO solutions with Next.js
  • React Native
  • Babel, postconfig, vite, webpack, npm, npx, yarn - using current features and solving problems with old outdated projects(debugging and updating)
  • MEAN(with ngrx and rxjs)
  • Node.js(express.js or Nest.js)
  • Other frameworks: Preact, Riot.js, Svelte
  • General purpose: C++, C, CUDA, Julia, Python, Matlab/Octave, Mathematica

Specialized in numerical analysis, creating software applications allowing to solve engineering and scientific problems in the fields of:

  • Heat Flows
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Forces occurring on overhead lines in case of short-circuit currents
  • Induced sheath voltages and sheath circulating currents problems

Project 1


Fixed total mess leaved by previous developers, removed jQuery, bootstrap(in progress), unnecesary libraries, fixing designs, removing and purging overloaded css, implemented odds calculations components, created betslips mechanisms ,created all pages, searchers, and event tables implemeted SSR and SSG(on demand), fixed backend requests, created and fixed mongodb aggregations, refactored models, controllers and structure code, implemented buckets into wysiwyg editors, refactored code structure, created new cms sections

Project 2
Atlas Network

Atlas Network

Page developed with Nuxt.js(+tailwind and graphql/apollo) and CraftCMS. Frontend: Creating components and pages, connecting queries with components and pages Backend: Creating fields, sections and queries Other: Gitlab, Monday, scrum meetings, Slack

Project 3
Magnetic and Electric Field 2D

Software which allow to calculate magnetic and electric field in two dimensional arrangement of three phase power lines or underground cables. written in Julia programming language and it uses Julia CImGui wrapper.

Project 4
MERN page of example travel agency page

Web page implemented with MERN stack with own CMS, authentifications methods(login, registration, receiving password via email, changing passwords) using nodemailer and bcryptjs, crypto and jsonwebtoken, changable content with image uploading using gridfs and multer packages. Used React functional components, redux, axios and mongoDB Atlas Cluster.

Project 5
Magnetic Field 3D

Software allow calculating Magnetic Field in three dimensional environment inducted by power lines, underground cables and cable poles. Written in Julia programming language and it uses Julia CImGui wrapper and calculating algorithm implemented with CUDA technology.

Project 6
Page for cleaning agency

Page created with MERN stack. Inludes authentication, password resseting and receiving, carousel, form contact, CMS, forwarded email and google maps connected with mongoDB database. Used React functional components, redux, axios, gridfs and mongoDB Atlas Cluster.