Main fields

  • Web developing( more... ) and software engineering( more... )
  • Well known with Cigre/EPRI books and many engeneering standards and magazines
  • Mathematics, Theoretical and Technical Physics: Mathematical Analysis, Electromagnetic, Heat and photovoltaics phenomena, Circuit theory etc.

Web programming

  • Frontend: React, nextjs, SSR, SSG, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Angular, rxjs, ngrx, babel, postcon- fig, viteconfig, graphql/apollo, graphql- codegen, Redux, SWR, React Query, ngrx axios, fetch api, CSS/Sass, css modules, styled-jsx, tailwind, styled- components, material-ui, bootstrap
  • Backend: node.js, express, typescript, nest,js, typeorm, prisma, mongoose, mongodb, passport, graphql, apollo- server, gridfs, multer, npm, yarn, Lando, CMS: CraftCMS, Payload CMS
  • Databases: MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL
  • Services: Services: Heroku, AWS, GithubPages, Namecheap, Cloudflare, Cloudinary, Northflank

General purpose programming

  • Julia: Creating sofware using Julia and C/C++/Python/Matlab based packages
  • Python: Python: Quick-written application, pyplots
  • C: CUDA, Microcontrollers, console applications, CImGui, openGL
  • Matlab/Octave: Creating scripts with plots, colormaps etc.
  • C++: object oriented C++, CUDA, openGL, SFML, ImGui